Waterproofing Systems

Polyurethane liquid roofing membranes are the professional, durable, waterproofing solution:


The MARISEAL SYSTEM liquid roof membrane is a group of liquid waterproofing coatings based on Polyurethane resins. Used together, this system creates a seamless polyurethane liquid roof membrane across flat roofs, terraces, or decks – reliably protecting building structures over the long term, even under the most demanding of conditions.



MARISEAL SYSTEM (polyurethane liquid membrane) is used by Professional Waterproofing applicators in over 50 countries for demanding waterproofing. The reasons are:

  • Simple Application
  • Forms Seamless Membrane without Joints or Leak Risk Areas
  • Water Resistant
  • Crack-Bridging up to 2mm, even at -10oo C
  • Maintenance of Mechanical Properties at a Temperature Range of -30o C to +90o C
  • Water Vapor Permeable
  • Full Surface Adhesion
  • Sun Reflectivity, Conducive to Thermo Insulation
  • Anti-Root Properties
  • Waterproofed Surfaces Usable for Medium to Heavy Pedestrian Traffic, Dependent on Mariseal System Top Coat
  • Resistant to Detergents, Oils, and Common Chemicals
  • Easy Local Repair, in Case Membrane is Mechanically Damaged
  • Economical


Mariseal 250 (polyurethane liquid roof membrane) has been tested and approved by the German State Testing Institute for Construction Materials MPA-Braunschweig,according the European Union Directive for liquid-applied roof waterproofing ETAG 005.

Mariseal 250 has been tested and approved by the French Testing Institute for Construction Materials BUREAU-VERITAS for French standards.

Mariseal 250 has been certified by the German State Institute for Construction Techniques DIBt-Berlin, earning European Technical Approval (ETA) including the CE mark and certification.

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