Transparent Waterproofing Systems

The professional, long lasting transparent waterproofing solution is the clear polyurethane liquid membrane:


The MARITRANS SYSTEM is a group of polyurethane liquid membrane coatings, based on UV-stable Polyurethane resins, which used in combination, create a seamless, transparent, pedestrian traffic resistant membrane on the terrace or balcony that protects the substrate reliably and on a long term basis, even under the most difficult conditions.



Professional Waterproofing applicators in over 70 countries, use the MARITRANS SYSTEM, for demanding waterproofing. The reasons are:

  • simple application (one component)
  • when applied, forms a seamless membrane without joints or leak possibilities
  • UV stable
  • Non-yellowing and non-chalking
  • resistance to stagnating water
  • decorative and easy to clean
  • maintains its mechanical properties, over time without getting harder or brittle
  • crack-bridging
  • maintains its mechanical properties, over a temperature span of -30o C to +90o C
  • provides water vapor permeability
  • provides full surface adhesion
  • the waterproofed surface can be used for everyday domestic pedestrian traffic
  • resistant to detergents, oils and common chemicals
  • easy local repair, if the membrane is mechanically damaged
  • low cost compared to full tiles removal, new waterproofing and placement of new tiles


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