A Façade finished with natural stones or bricks is constantly exposed to the elements. MARIS POLYMERS® offers technologically advanced, premium, non-film-making water repellents that offer easy application, high durability, quick service times and most importantly guaranteed long lasting results.


MARIS POLYMERS offers premium water repellents that offer water repellency but also offers specialized premium water and oil repellent products that bring façade protection to a new level.

Advantages of the MARISEAL SYSTEM® at a glance

  • Simple application (roller or airless spray)
  • Transparent
  • UV stable
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Non-film making
  • Resistant to water, heat and frost
  • Over 10 years of positive feedback worldwide

Proposed Build Up

Hydrophobic Facade Water Repellants


Hydrophobic Facade Water Repellants


The MARISEAL® 800 PLUS is a transparent, deep penetrating, non-staining, non-yellowing, non film-making, one component siloxane/silane nanotechnology-based water repellent, used as a highly effective and long-lasting water repellant and chloride screen. Solvent based.

Cures by reaction with ground and air moisture.


The MARISEAL® 800 PLUS is used as a highly effective Water and Oil Repellent on:

  • Natural Stones
  • Marble
  • Decorative Bricks
  • Limestone
  • Colored Concrete

It will prevent water penetration and protect surface from ultraviolet degradation, airborne dirt, smog, industrial fumes, acid rain, chloride ions and will stabilize the surface. The MARISEAL® 800 PLUS is used as a graffiti repellent as paint does not absorb into the treated surface.

Professional application only Technical Data Sheet | download here

Hydrophobic Facade Water Repellants
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