Ecological Waterproofing Systems

The professional, long lasting ecological waterproofing solution is the


The MARISEAL SYSTEM AQUA is a group of coatings based on UV-stable Polyurethane resins, which used in combination, creates a seamless transparent, pedestrian traffic resistant membrane on the terrace or balconies that protects the substrate reliably and on a log term basis, even under the most difficult conditions.



  • simple application
  • environmentally friendly, water based
  • low odor
  • when applied, forms a seamless membrane without joints or leak possibilities
  • resistance to water
  • crack-bridging
  • maintenance of it’s mechanical properties, over a temperature span of -40 C to +90 C
  • provides water vapor permeability
  • provides full surface adhesion
  • provides sun reflectivity, contributing to thermoinsulation
  • the waterproofed surface can be used for medium to heavy pedestrian traffic
  • resistant to detergents, oils and common chemicals
  • easy local repair, if the mebrane is mechanically damaged
  • low cost
  • low VOC, no ADR transport products

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