Aiming at offering its customers high added value services, Maris Polymers has a well organized Technical Support Department that its purpose is to share its gained technical know-how and provide integrated technical solutions to any interested party, professionals or individuals.

Its highly qualified and specialized team provides prompt and reliable technical information concerning any application relevant to Maris Polymers products. The department replies daily to a large number of phone calls and e-mails from business partners, constructors, engineers, technicians and individuals.

Information about the characteristics and the proper application of Maris Polymers products can be found also in the company’s technical leaflets and brochures that are available in the different points of sale or in the company’s internet site.

Beyond that, the highly experienced engineers of the Technical Support organize every year a series of technical seminars. These seminars address to anyone interested to be better informed about the company’s products and the integrated technical solutions and benefits these offer.

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