Giving always great importance to innovation, Maris Polymers possesses a modern R&D Department with chemical laboratories that are responsible for the development liquid waterproofing membranes, floor coating resins, sealants and resins.

The scientific team of the Maris Polymers R&D Department researches and develops every year a number of innovative products while continuously improves the existing ones according to the technological progress and the modern requirements of the construction sector.

Furthermore, by participating to acknowledged scientific programs, the R&D of Maris Polymers shares views and exchanges technological know-how with distinguished universities and all major suppliers of the chemical industry in Europe.

Before Maris Polymers’s products reach the market, they are subjected to continuous, detailed and meticulous controls made by the company’s Quality Control Department in order to ensure their high and stable quality. When the products reach the market they must be perfect in any aspect. They must perform excellent, provide definitive solution, be easy applicable, cost-efficient and satisfy the aesthetic criteria of the customer.

Guaranteeing the aforementioned, the company has established and applies a quality system for the design, development, production and distribution of its products following the requirements of EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.

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