A new home for the giant Orcas’ was created in Russia. Maris Polymers products were exclusively used to waterproof the 9000 m2 aquarium which will be the home of the Orca whales.

The project is the all-Russian Exhibition Shopping & Entertainment Complex: Recreational Facilities located in Moscow Russia.

The products used in this project were the DRINKING WATER TANKS WATERPROOFING SYSTEM. The products used where the Mariseal 750 Primer and the Mariseal 300 Waterproofing Coating.

The MARISEAL 300 Waterproofing System is a liquid-applied, solvent-free, hard elastic, cold curing and cold applied, two component polyurethane membranes used for long-lasting waterproofing and protection.
It is used for the waterproofing of drinking water supply channels and pipes, tanks and large and small reservoirs, odorless waterproofing of wet areas, under tile, in
bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens.
It is used for waterproofing of surfaces in direct contact with potable drinking water. It is certified for use in potable drinking water reservoirs, resistant to water by maintaining its mechanical properties over a temperature span of -40 C to +100C.
It remains elastic even at low temperatures with full adherence, and low cost.

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