Cool Roof Systems

Maris presents its cool roof waterproofing systems, designed to provide better indoor comfort.

• For optimized sustainable purposes and maximized effects: Polyurethane water-based system with membrane Mariseal® 250W + top coat Mariseal® 400W white.
• For shorter application time: Aliphatic polyurethane solvent-based system with Mariseal® 460 white
• For conventional application: Polyurethane solvent-based system with membrane Mariseal® 250 + top coat Mariseal® 400 white


What is a cool roof and how it is measured

A cool roof is able to reflect more sunlight, absorbing less solar energy than a standard roof. This lowers the solar heat of the roof surface and decreases the indoor temperature of the building, therefore reducing energy costs and improving user comfort.

Moreover it extends the life of the buildings and infrastructures (including air-conditioning systems), helps to moderate the «urban heat island effect» and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Cool roofs’ measurements are based on solar reflectance (fraction of solar energy reflected by the roof) and thermal emittance (capacity of the roof to release absorbed heat) values. The resulting combined metric, ranging from 0 (less efficient) to 130 (maximum efficiency), is called the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI).

The solutions of Maris, with SRI from 104 to 113 offer an optimum result (ASTM standard EN 1980-1).


For further information and test reports, contact our sales and technical teams.

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