A residence in Dehradun India gets a brand new balcony waterproofing lifting. The project was at the Shabnam Singh residence complex in Dehradun and consisted of waterproofing of several balconies and terraces. Combining waterproofing and decoration, the residents of the house can now enjoy the balcony while protecting the interior rooms from humidity. The products used were the Mariseal Aqua Primer, Mariseal 250 Coating and the Mariseal 400 Top coat in white color of the COLORED BALCONY / TERRACE WATERPROOFING SYSTEM.

Terrace waterproofing and colored balcony waterproofing is very important for open-air exposed areas. Balconies and terraces, walkways, galleries, penthouses, loggias, the roofs of underground car parks used as plazas, decorative balconies and outdoor seating areas are constantly exposed to the elements. MARIS POLYMERS offers liquid-applied Polyurethane balcony / terrace waterproofing systems with long-term protection for plain colored decorative terraces that guarantee unalloyed enjoyment of the outside area – year after year. The MARISEAL SYSTEM® products can be used as solid color decorative self finished systems but can also be covered with tiles, paving or timber decking.

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