Roof Waterproofing at Museo Del Ferrocarril, San Luís Potosí, Mexico The roof of Museo Del Ferrocarril in San Luís Potosí in Mexico needed a waterproofing system environmentally friendly, water-based, durable with high impact and abrasion resistant finish,

should also function as crack-bridging but on the same time be hard elastic.

The solution for this application problem was offered by MARIS POLYMERS in the form of the liquid-applied polyurethane waterproofing system the MARISEAL SYSTEM AQUA.

Products used

MARISEAL AQUA PRIMER:  Two component epoxy primer. Water-Based. 

MARISEAL 250 AQUA:  liquid-applied, highly permanent elastic, cold applied and cold curing, water based, one component, 100% polyurethane-based membrane used for long-lasting waterproofing.

MARISEAL FABRIC: Specialized non-woven, needle punched polyester geotextile used for reinforcement for the MARISEAL 250 AQUA.

MARISEAL 400 AQUA: Water-Based, pigmented, wear resistant, semi-rigid, color- and UV-stable, weather- stable, one component, aliphatic , 100% polyurethane coating used as a top-coat for protection over MARISEAL® 250 AQUA waterproofing membrane.

MARISEAL SYSTEM AQUA is a group of coatings based on water-based Polyurethane resins which used on combination, creates a seamless membrane on the flat roof/terrace or deck and protects the building structure reliably and on a long term basis even under the most difficult conditions.

The MARISEAL SYSTEM AQUA is based on the innovative PUD-Technology of MARIS POLYMERS which enable, long-chain polyurethane macromolecules to be incorporated in a water medium, forming stable dispersions. 

The PUD Technology based products, have the advantage that they offer the high level properties of solvent-based products in an ecological consumer and environmentally friendly, water-based low VOC, no ADR transport product. This Technology is the entry to the Green Revolution in Polyurethane based products.